Experts in Medical Transporation


LifeCare Paramedics exemplify some of the strongest attributes in the industry. Given our diverse service offering, they are able to continuously gain experience in various clinical environments. They operate under modern protocols and maintain competency with advanced, progressing practices applied towards Cardiovascular emergency management, Cardiac Arrest Survivability, Trauma systems, Emergency operations, and continuity of care.


Our EMT’s have the fortunate advantage of functioning in a hybrid environment. Operating at the EMT-basic level they assist our Paramedics in both, emergent and non-emergent settings, and also manage BLS level requests. LifeCare EMT’s receive continuous education in their respective scope of practice and are provided with excellent resources for advancing their level of knowledge. Aside from their standard required certifications they are also certified in ITLS.

Wheelchair Attendants

Wheelchair attendants are certified in American Heart Association CPR and operate the assisted transportation aspect of LifeCare Ambulance Inc. They do not provide direct medical care but accommodate the need for assistance regarding transportation to and from routine exams and procedures. While they typically operate wheelchair transportation vans, they also utilize the group bus.


Our dispatchers and call-takers handle many different forms of operations communication. Their duties range from emergency call management and obtaining necessary resources to unit assignment and the scheduling of service requests. LifeCare Dispatchers also manage communications for the Central Lorain County Ambulance District. They receive continuous education and possess various certifications, even up to the Paramedic level.


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