EMSI Assist – EMS Training Academy

Job Description

Will assist the LifeCare EMS Training Academy with all aspects of training individuals who attends the Academy. To fill out all training records as required by the program. Willing to continue to enhance your knowledge and stay updated on changes in curriculum.  To help in motivating students to engage in learning process and provide appropriate feedback to reinforce their success. To interact with students and instructors in a helpful way.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • To effectively communicate lessons to students
  • Ability to fairly evaluate skills and student’s performance during training sessions
  • Provide the students with frequent evaluations of their progress and performance
  • Provide student counseling, guidance, and tutoring as needed or requested
  • To be prepared and reliable to attend sessions your assigned and instructor meetings/updates
  • To follow and the planned course agenda provided by the Lead Instructor or the Program Director
  • Learns to move throughout classroom using technology and laboratory setup and cleanup
  • To continue to maintain enthusiasm in the desire to teach
  • Provide an environment in the classroom that is conducive for the development of the student’s intellectual abilities and skills
  • Develop and implement the program’s curriculum, define course outlines and evaluate the educational objectives
  • Provide access to and encourage utilization of the adequate library facilities and other ancillary teaching aids  [Textbooks, Journals, reference materials, and selected computer Assisted Instruction and Network for Continuing Medical Education programs]
  • To have available those written policies, procedure manuals and handbooks that are appropriate and needed
  • Develop and maintain school files and student records to aid in the evaluation of the students’ progress, the curriculum, and the need for change within the program
  • Structure and organize Field Day Activities
  • Inform the students of those policies and procedures of the program of training facilities that have an effect on them during the duration of the program
  • Orient the students to the physical plant(s) that they will be coming in contact with during the program
  • Inspire the student to recognize and display cooperative attitudes and appreciation of the need for continued education in the field of Emergency Medical Services and personal development as a member of the community
  • Demonstrate the professional attitudes and behavior required of educators


  • Must be an EMSI Assist working toward EMSI
  • Experience in the field of Healthcare, EMS, RN, PA, Physician
  • Knowledge of Curriculum, Communication skills, Writing skills
  • Must be certified in ACLS, BLS, and PALS
  • Must follow OSHA Guideline 29CFR1910.1030
  • Must follow Federal Criteria concerning student status